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Finished the Rock Island shawl. I’m glad I chose to make it in black.

My eyeliner gets bigger and my hair gets longer. Ta-da.

My eyeliner gets bigger and my hair gets longer. Ta-da.

yes hello small child who lives down the street, standing on the edge of my driveway, I can hear you screaming ‘hello’ at me from outside the house but I am pretending not to hear you because I am indoors and on the second floor of my house and in the middle of an awesome workout can you please go away now.


If I follow you, yes, I care about your garden, what your cat did today, the jewelry you made, that one friend who said the thing, i like your sense of humor, and also your selfies.

Also, heart.

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Progress on the Rock Island shawl. That lace openwork is surprisingly easy. Fun pattern.

No more tears for me, these rivers run dry

No more fear in me, this heart stone inside

And as the shadows give way to light, grow and thrive

Every day must lose to night, fade and die

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"Bisexuals always end up picking a side"
Yaa all those fake bisexuals meeting the love of their life and staying together forever and getting married and being happy with only one person those assholes